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Bio: Shahrokh “Shah” Afshar • SPEAKER • WRITER • EXPERT IN MUSLIM CULTURE AND ISLAMIC TEACHINGS • POSTMODERN COMMENTATOR • TV AND RADIO GUEST Shah Afshar is an original. He founded and pastored the first Iranian Christian organization in the United States. Shah has been instrumental in reaching the Muslim world with the gospel. His work as a professor and as a Muslim world mission coordinator for Foursquare Missions International expanded his influence worldwide. As a former Muslim and seminar y-trained leader, Shah shares unique insights with humor and wit. His passion is to communicate the relevance of Christ’s message to a skeptical generation. Shah is available to speak at conventions, churches, schools and for TV/radio inter views.

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  1. Looking for a Shahrokh Afshar of the 1983 Iranian Christian Fellowship; I worked with him back in the 1980’s and would like to locate him, can you help? .. thanks


      1. Yeah, it seems a bit like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t it? There’s no money in this Sir, just sharing blogs you really like. (I would’ve split the cash with you.)


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