Vote For Trump! He’s A Christian.

A few years ago, I posted a blog, The $5 Sinner’s Prayer. In it, I shared a story about my eil_570xN.803635590_hw0hncounter with a very shrewd homeless man. As I began to tell the man how Jesus had changed my life, he abruptly stopped me and said, “For $5, I will repeat the sinner’s prayer with you.” Apparently, he was used to evangelicals having him repeat a prayer that would supposedly make him a Christian.

Even from a psychological perspective, I thought he was worth the $5. I am sure he’d made many naïve evangelicals walk away with the satisfaction of thinking they’d made one more person a Christian by simply having him repeat some words. However, he was also an excellent businessman who’d learned what it was that those evangelicals wanted to hear, and would provide it for them.

Recently, I heard a rumor that went something like this, “Pray for Donald Trump. Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family recently reported that Donald had prayed with a good friend of his to receive Christ and to establish a personal relationship with Him.”

I have not heard or seen Donald make such a confession. In fact, in 2015 when moderator Frank Luntz asked him whether he had ever asked God for forgiveness for his actions, Trump said, “I am not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there,” he said. “I don’t think so. I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

I do realize that as early as last June he softened the above words by saying he hopes not to ask God for “much” forgiveness, but I still have a question for my evangelical friends. If Mr. Trump has prayed a typical “sinner’s prayer” with Dr. Dobson’s friend’s uncle’s cleaning lady’s brother, would he have asked God for blanket forgiveness of all his sins, or just a little for some of the mistakes he might have made?

I know, I know! How dare I question a man’s faith when only God knows a man’s heart? You are absolutely correct. I don’t’ know Trump’s heart. So, I’m supposed to take Dobson’s friend at his words and believe what the man claims. Something that even Donald himself has not claimed.

I just wonder if the same evangelicals were willing to extend as much grace to President Obama, who not only attended church before getting elected, but also on many occasions has confessed to being a Christian? Many might say that they wouldn’t extend the same grace to Obama because “His actions didn’t match his confession!” Do Donald’s actions match his confession? Could it be that he is, like the above homeless man, just a shrewd businessman who knows what it is that we evangelicals need to hear?

You might say, “We need to give Mr. Trump time. After all, he is a new believer.” How much time? Do you honestly believe that a man in his 70s can change overnight because a few days ago, he repeated some magical words? And if this is true, don’t you think we’re setting the man up for failure since there’s no way he would be able to live up to the standards we expect of our Christian politicians—becoming a saint in the next few months before he takes office? How absolutely foolish! Unfortunately, we evangelicals are notorious for doing stuff like this. You have to be my age or older to remember what we did to Bob Dylan after he publically made a confession of faith.

Maybe it’s my Muslim background, or maybe it’s just common sense, but I’ve come to love even more Christ’s words, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” In this crooked age, we have to put aside our naiveté and take Jesus’ words much more seriously.

If you want to vote for Mr. Trump, do it because you’re voting your conscience, or as a man on a radio talk show said, “I am voting for Trump because Hillary is the devil that I know.” But PLEASE don’t do it because of a rumor that says he might have said a prayer and now he is a follower of Christ. That’s an insult to my Lord, my faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ and my intelligence.


7 thoughts on “Vote For Trump! He’s A Christian.

  1. There are a lot of reasons why people would like to vote for Trump. Among them the fact they see him as “the lesser of two evils”. Voting for Trump because he is or is not a Christian seems like a poor idea. He has never stated he is a Christian in a way most of us would find explicit. Politicians may say they are Christians but without seeing the fruit it is difficult to judge their motives. If you want to vote for Trump thats your right and your choice. But I would say vote for whoever you believe is best for America and who will be the best president.


    1. Jameline, that’s basically what I am saying. Vote for the man, or the woman because you think he/she is the best for the nation and not because he/she has supposedly said a prayer. We don’t need to pass out cheap grace in order to satisfy our political decisions.


  2. As usual, great insight and thought stimulator. I have walked away to give business, go to doctor, elect a politician because they carry the LABEL “Christian”. Which is better; a cardiologist who is atheist but top of his game vs an incompetent Christian cardiologist? Granted, a Christian person must strive to be at the top of whatever they do, but that does not always pan out. So we must evaluate (for those who get offended from the words “we must judge”) – as Jesus himself instructed us to KNOW the tree from its fruits.
    I will not vote for Mr. Trump because of allusions that he is a Christian – no one knows that. But I will vote for Mr. Trump because I think a nation should be run as a business running in the black and not in the red. We need the strong military and properly negotiated deals with other nations and I agree with Mr. Trump that other nations should share in the cost of what they benefit from and not expect handouts from us. I do not agree with a lot of the things Mr. Trump says, but to me, his pros and cons far outweigh the pros and cons of another term of the status quo ( the problem is that the current trend will get worse, so we do need a drastic change).


  3. The last thing we need is for this country to be run like a business. I get what people are saying about balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility. But thanks to globalization, multinational corporations have too much power. They can and do influence government policy too much. Because of their influence on society, we now see leaders making decisions solely on the basis of spreadsheets and numbers. The human costs of these decisions are no longer important in businesses. The importance is to keep the company running at whatever cost. This is not a good model to impose upon an entire country.

    Let’s take the housing industry as an example. Prior to the growth of globalization, houses were places to build families, and communities. But they were commoditized and turned into a way to make money for many people. As we all know due to the greed of many, and the naiveté of many others who took out loans they could not afford, we saw the collapse of the mortgage industry and several investment banks. The human cost of what was done was not important to the big investment banks; they only cared about making money. We don’t need a leader of this country who is a bad business man and willing to make decisions based solely on money.

    If we look at Trump using the guidance of the teachings of Jesus, we know the true character of people by their fruits, then we see Trump for what he is, a callous person. From records we know that he has let some of his businesses go into bankruptcy so that he could enjoy the protections offered by government, while letting others lose their jobs. Also from records we know that he has openly failed to pay companies he has hired to build some of his business projects. He claimed they did poor work. We know that government leaders in Las Vegas refused to give him a gambling license because his companies are run poorly. If you go to his hotel in Las Vegas, you will not see a casino there. Thus we see his fruits are bad.

    Using Jesus and the Bible as an example, we see another failing of Trump. In the very concept of salvation, we see Jesus offer us a way to heaven. His grace is free, but it still requires us to be responsible for the grace given to us. We are asked to live lives that honor our God. We are asked to be kind, loving, patient, live with integrity, respect and honor people, not to lie, steal, or cheat. My point here is that we are asked to participate in building the church, and thus a caring society. There is a partnership in salvation. What I see Trump say is that he will fix everything; he is the smartest, he is the most powerful, he is the best. There is no partnership in that. And right there is the biggest problem because our democracy is a partnership between all of us, not just one leader. History has shown that when too much power is given to just one person, serious problems result. Trump goes against this model we see in the Bible; his model is too reflective of bringing tyranny.

    This rumor of Trump becoming a Christian is insulting. I see it nothing more than a ploy to persuade trusting, and gullible people to trust someone they should not.


  4. Response to Caroline:
    Some of the problems you are referring to due to globalization and its effects on nations is precisely that they are NOT run as a business (business as in managing your household). America is in debt to the tune of 15 – 19 Trillion Dollars. If one talks about compassion but one does not have the means to help others, how can they show compassion? if you were a homeless person on the streets without any income who could you help? 19 Trillion dollars of debt means that the country is in a state of homelessness on the streets of nations, week and vulnerable. You would not run your household on debt would you? So why would you want our nation to run on debt? If you think forcing the rich to give money to the government to be distributed to the so called “poor” is compassion (read socialism and communism), I would like you to show that from the Bible. (please checkout Rabbi Daniel Lapin to see the Bible’s perspective on this issue,
    This is what it means to me when Mr. Trump says he will fix this and that and he alone can do it. He knows the direction the nation needs to go and he’ll put the TEAMS to do it. So he’s being misrepresented as if he claimed he’s superman and he and he alone will do this or that. Mr. Trump knows the value of TEAMS and he will certainly use them as he has for getting where he is today.
    I don’t think Mr. Trump can deliver a lot of the promises he’s making but neither can his opponent. The world is too complex to be fixed without the Lord’s intervention.
    But let’s look at the other side of the coin. Ms. Clinton talks about change and improving the lot of the country which means she acknowledges indirectly that the current president did not do a good job, otherwise why change? So 8 years and people are worse off and yet we’re told that no, we’re not worse off we’re doing great(do you see any deception of denial here?). If the president is promoting Ms. Clinton, how could she have policies other than his with the results that he has produced? How can her policies produce any different results?
    About callousness of Mr. Trump: Was Jesus being callous when he said give the one talent of the guy who did not produce any fruit to the guy that had doubled his 5 to 10? Do you hear the tone of his voice how he chided the “one talent guy”?


  5. Socialism, Communism, Democratic party ideals they all sound very good and appealing. The problem is that none deliver and here’s:
    the reason #1 why.
    The claim is: we’re the champions of the poor. Guess what? You have to keep the poor, poor so you can maintain being their champion.
    the reason #2 why.
    Once a person tastes the power at the top, they’re hooked forever always wanting to be that champion (thereby the need to have the poor to be their champion, recursive ad infinitum).


  6. Reason #3:
    The poor like the “freebies” the “benevolent” promise, so they keep their “champions” in power (not greed?).


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