Is Obama An Apostate?

Who would have thought that just a few short years after the 9/11 tragedy we would have a man who was born a Muslim and with the middle name Hussein running for the most powerful office in the United States.

One of the hallmarks of Senator Obama’s potential presidency is his promise that as soon as he is elected, he will unconditionally sit across from President Ahmadinejad of Iran and Assad of Syria to discuss peace in the Middle East. In his utmost naiveté, he assumes that these Muslim leaders will be drawn to his gesture for peace, but what he does not understand is that his success will not so much depend on whether he is willing to accept the two Muslim leaders, but whether they will accept him as a legitimate leader worthy of respect. “Why not” one might ask. Well, I am so glad you asked.

The simple truth is that Obama would have three strikes against him before he ever sat down to meet with these Muslim leaders.

The Iranian parliament recently passed a new law that would impose a death penalty on citizens who are regarded as “apostate” from Islam. In the past, the death penalty for apostasy was one of many possible punishments including imprisonment and hard labor. But the new law proposes to make death the sentence for all apostates, according to the Institute on Religion and Public Policy (IRPP).

Article 225:6-7 of section five of this new Iranian government’s Apostasy, Heresy, and Witchcraft law says:

“If someone has at least one Muslim parent at the time of conception but after the age of maturity, without pretending to be a Muslim, chooses blasphemy is considered a Parental Apostate. Punishment for a Parental Apostate is death, but after the final sentencing for three days he/she would be guided to the right path and encouraged to recant his/her belief and if he/she refused, the death penalty would be carried out.” (See full text bellow)

The first thing Senator Obama and his advisors need to understand is that when it comes to the Middle East they are dealing with a shame-based culture. In that culture, unlike most western cultures, the focus of one’s action is not on right versus wrong, but honor versus shame. What matters is whether an action brings one honor or shame. For example, a person from such a culture would be justified to lie, cheat, steal or kill in order to keep his honor.

According to the New Iranian apostasy law, which with some variation is held by the majority of Muslim scholars, Senator Barack Obama, being born to a Muslim father and later becoming a Christian, is considered to be a “Parental” apostate, an offence punishable by death if he lived in Iran. He would be viewed as having disgraced Islam and therefore not worthy of honor. While most Muslims consider Christians to be infidels, they would consider the Senator, an apostate who became a Christian and much less worthy of respect! Should Obama ever sit across from Muslim leaders, from the very start he will be approached as a man without honor. So for him and his supporters to think that Obama’s charm and persona would constitute an asset in discussions with Muslim leaders, is probably well intended but only shows they know absolutely nothing about shame-based societies.

My purpose for writing this article is not to suggest to anyone not to vote for Obama, but to inform my readers of the complexity of the Islamic mindset.


Section Five: Apostasy, Heresy, and Witchcraft

Article 225-1: Any Muslim who clearly announces that he/she has left Islam and declares blasphemy is an Apostate.

Article 225-2: Serious and earnest intention is the condition for certainty in apostasy. Therefore, if the accused claims that his/her statement had been made with reluctance or ignorance, or in error, or while drunk, or through a slip of the tongue or without understanding the meaning of the words, or repeating words of others; or his/her real intentions had been something else, he/she is not considered an apostate and his/her claim could be heard and justified.

Article 225-3: There are two kinds of apostates: innate (Fetri) and parental (Melli).

Article 225-4: Innate Apostate is someone whose parent (at least one) was a Muslim at the time of conception, and who declares him/herself a Muslim after the age of maturity, and leaves Islam afterwards.

Article 225-5: Parental Apostate is one whose parents (both) had been non-Muslims at the time of conception, and who has become a Muslim after the age of maturity, and later leaves Islam and returns to blasphemy.

Article 225-6: If someone has at least one Muslim parent at the time of conception but after the age of maturity, without pretending to be a Muslim, chooses blasphemy is considered a Parental Apostate.

Article 225-7: Punishment for an Innate Apostate is death.

Article 225-8: Punishment for a Parental Apostate is death, but after the final sentencing for three days he/she would be guided to the right path and encouraged to recant his/her belief and if he/she refused, the death penalty would be carried out.

Article 225-9: In the case of a Parental Apostate, whenever there appears to be a possibility of recanting, sufficient time would be provided.

Article 225-10: Punishment for women, whether Innate or Parental, is life imprisonment and during the sentence, under the guidance of the court, hardship will be exercised on her, and she will be guided to the right path and encouraged to recant, and if she recants she will be freed immediately.

Note: The condition of hardship will be determined according to the religious laws


8 thoughts on “Is Obama An Apostate?

  1. Shah, very good. The media should seek to become versed in this understanding of world views if they are to ever accurately report international news.With the world shrinking through the advancement of the internet and the global economy—reviewing and studying world view should become a standard part of the collegiate education process! And as Christians, we should be seeking to understand others. No matter where they are from.Thanks Shah… and yes, let’s grab lunch.Shawn


  2. Thank you for helping me understand the complexity of the situation. It is clear the only solution is prayer and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


  3. Hi Shah,Great conversation starter. I find it interesting that no matter what basis is used for “regulating” (for lack of a better word) behavior, it will always be twisted by the natural human tendency to be self-centered.It seems to me that this is similar to the arguments regarding the “ideals” of capitalism vs. socialism. Either one, in its respective, fully realized “utopia” is (or would be) a marvelous demonstration of humanity striving towards one goal together.However, as many of us have realized, PEOPLE always get in the way! You don’t have to look far to see the corruption inherent in ANY of these “models” (shame/honor vs. right/wrong OR capitalism vs. socialism) I say all this (much as you did) not to make any points or to suggest any certain course of action, but simply as an observation built on your very informative post here.Thanks for sharing and good luck in all you are doing. May you truly bring honor to God.-your friend-


  4. ah, very interesting. I never though of this-(probably because I don’t think like a Muslim) why the heck don’t people like this have cultural advisors? I assume they don’t.


  5. Hi Shah. I’ve been thinking of you lately. I hope all is well. Re: this post. Well said and informative. I’m surprised at Obama’s naivety on the matter.


  6. Shah, Interesting perspective. I would ask two questions: Obama’s father was a Kenyan, so he was probably Sunni, and would not have been Shi’ia. So even if Obama had retained his Muslim faith, I would guess that the Iranian contingency would have a problem with him, would it not?Second,my Iranian friends tell me that this is moot outside of Iran, or would not apply to Obama. Their reasoning is that inside Iran today the pressure is on the parents to keep their children in Islam, to toe the religious line, if you will and it today is more of a family/pressure item than it is a pure interpretation of the law. Since they would view Obama as someone who is not Iranian, it really wouldn’t apply. You probably disagree (or you wouldn’t have written this post), but I thought I’d offer what other Iranians’ views may be.


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