What if?

A few days ago, the president of Iran, whose name is pronounced, Mah-mood Ah-mad-ee-neh-jaad (I got tired of listening to scores of American reporters pronouncing the name ten million different ways) arrogantly, declared that there are no homosexuals in Iran. Well, as one who was born and raised there, one who still has his parents and most of his relatives living there, I, assuredly, declare that he is a liar and there are many homosexuals living in Iran. Of course, this should not come as a surprise to any of you. What is shocking is the way these poor souls are treated. Please click on the following link, but I have to warn you, this is very graphic:

By their silence, Christian leaders in the united States are missing a great opportunity to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ to a persecuted people group. Christians have often complaint that the secular media fails to recognize persecuted Christian minorities globally. On the other hand, the popular Christian phrase , “love the sinner hate the sin”, is seen by the world as being disingenuous. What if the Church of Jesus Christ seizes the day with Ahmadinejad’s hideous statement by supporting that very group of persecuted people? Can you imagine, the bridge, all be it small, that could be built to the homosexual community and broader liberal community if, for example, Dr. James Dobson called the church to pray and speak out against this persecution? No, this would not mean that Dobson is agreeing with homosexual life-style, rather it would clearly show an act of love and concern on the part of the followers of Christ.

I believe God is giving us and will give us opportunities in the future to show his mercy to this fallen world. May we be wise enough to take advantage of these opportunities

I would love to hear your comments.


3 thoughts on “What if?

  1. I really appreciated this. the persecution of homesexual people is wrong and few say anything about it at least among Christians. I have had to joy of working with people struggling with this for the last 50 years and I have seen what God can do. If you know anyone who is proactive in this I would like to have contact with them. In the last few years I have seen how as believers we must be more proactive in all areas of human rights…very hard indeed and we dont want to lose our focus on the Lord Jesus.. let us pray for each other. Please check my site georgeverwer.com and the test there of Christpher Yuan…very powerful in him;


  2. Shah,I’m so sorry that you don’t have more comments on this moving post.Of course there are people of homosexual orientation in every culture and community. And, sadly, of course many are being persecuted and abused.It continues to baffle me how far the church has come from Jesus’ clear example to live on behalf of the marginalized. I wish I knew how to stand in the gap and create that bridge…


  3. Rachell, again thank you for your kind comments.I didn’t get much reaction here because majority of Christians don’t know what to do with the homosexual community. We know we have been commanded to love, but would loving the gays mean agreeing with their life style??? May I suggest a way you can stand in the gap? Speak out when you see injustice within the household of God. However, to do that, you should be willing to pay the price and be shunned by many of your own brothers and sisters as I have been.


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